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What does your Council do for you?
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Police Information

A very useful method of getting up to date information about crime,incidents and events in Herefordshire is to register on the Herefordshire Community Messaging, this is a free service available to everyone and can be accessed by going to with a choice of methods to receive the information.


Another useful source of information can be obtained by going to the West Mercia Police website  and details and photographs of the local policing team are available.



Contact details for the Police are:


Emergency: 999


To Report a Non-Emergency Incident: 101


Crimestoppers: 0800 555111


For local and general advice only:



To e-mail the Local Policing Team:


Click here for information on Oil Tank Security






Crime Trends

We have had several fuel thefts on our area recently.

2 x fuel containers and a 4-gallon drum were taken from within a garage in the Leys Hill area of Ross. All contained unleaded fuel. The owner is not sure of exact time and date, but no damage caused to his garage that is open through the day but locked at night. Suggesting it occurred through the daytime.

 A property on Garway Hill has had oil taken from its tank. The lock had been cut off and access gained. It is not known exactly how much has gone but tank contained over 1000litres.

An unoccupied property in Brockhampton has had its tank tampered with. It is believed that offenders were disturbed as they left without the containers that they had siphoned from the tank. Several items were left behind including pipe and a large tank cage; also tyre prints left at scene. It is believed that a local resident walking his dog around 05:40hrs disturbed them.

A property in Llangarron has had a milk churn stolen from outside the window. Owner had left the property for an hour to walk her dog, upon her return discovered the milk churn had been taken and the flowers that were planted in it left behind on the ground. This occurred on 30/08/2012.

A "Coleman" 16ft long black Canadian canoe was stolen from outside a property at Symonds Yat. The owners were away for the weekend and discovered it had been stolen on their return. Approximate value of the canoe £800.

Just off our patch again, at Garway Hill, 34 sheep have gone missisng, believed to have been stolen. The owner has approximately 400 sheep at Garway, and upon counting them discovered that 34 were missing. Tracks left at scene backing up to the gate, would indicate that they have been taken rather than wandered off.

Weston under Penyard Church has had money taken from its donation box. The theft was discovered on 09/09/12, and it is believed that approximately £40 was in the box as there had been a wedding the day before.

A garden shed in the Coppett Hill area was broken into over the weekend. The lock was forced on the shed, and a Stihl strimmer stolen (Model no. ss1130, should anyone be offered one for sale).

A high value theft took place overnight 11/09/12 in Llangarron. Offenders have approached the premises across 3 fields and cut a wire stock fence to gain entry into the yard. Several quad bikes were stolen, value ranging from £2000 to £7000. Offenders have taken the quads, without keys and again gone back acroos 3 fields with them. Obviously the correct transport was taken for the job and routes etc planned out. Please be alert of anyone calling at your property or seen hanging about in the rural areas.

We again urge you to make note of any vehicle registrations that you can.


House Burglaries

We have experienced an increase in domestic house burglaries in the last few weeks.

Llangrove suffered two break-ins on the evening of 03/09/12, both properties belonging to the same family. A window was smashed to the rear of the property to gain entry whilst the family was out. Jewellery, handbag containing cash and electrical items were stolen.

A property in Ross Town, also had its kitchen window smashed to gain entry. The owners were out at work at the time, again jewellery, a large flat screen TV, iPods and laptops etc. were taken. Scenes of crime officers have a good footprint and also a trace of blood left on the window.

A cottage in Lea, was broken into on 10th September between 07.30 am and 3.30pm. Entry was gained by smashing glass in the kitchen door. A Laptop, jewellery were amongst the stolen items.

We have on a positive note arrested a male from Ledbury for Burglary this week!




Please contact us if you would like to know more about forensic marking kits (Smartwater) or if you require any home security advise.


Local Events

Hereford police station is holding an open day on Saturday the 15th September. It is due to start around 10.30am and run until 4pm. There will be a variety of Police vehicles on display, and the opportunity to take a tour of custody suite. This has proved a popular event in previous years, and last year the sun shone for the whole event!

Upton Bishop Big Dipper Road Race takes place on Sunday 30th September with an 11am start. Runners will start and finish the route from Upton Bishop Millennium Hall, and follow a designated hilly route, hence the name! Followed by tea and cakes at the Hall.




Crime Trends

Again we have had reports of thefts from outbuildings. A property in Orchid Close, Ross has had two strimmers and a hedge cutter stolen; this was reported to us on 09/08/12 (OIS 651s 090812).

A large remote residence in Glewstone has had Koi Carp stolen, approximate value £8,000; also a rotavator has been taken from the same address.

A lawnmower and a large bottle containing cash was stolen from a property in Brampton Abbotts. A male has been arrested and cautioned in connection with this offence.

A blue mountain bike has been stolen from outside a tent at the Biblins Youth Centre, Nr Whitchurch.

Although not on our patch, but just over the border in Garway, a coach that was parked up had £150 of diesel siphoned over night.

An attempted theft of a quad-bike in the Baysham area occurred this week, luckily the owner intercepted the offenders in his tractor and nothing was taken. A red Rover 200 is believed to be involved. If you have any info relating to this please ring quoting (OIS 719s010812).

This indicates that the current crime trend is continuing with power tools, scrap metal and diesel the most prominent.

Shop Lifting

Ross Spur Services have seen two males who have stolen food items from within the store and have left on foot towards Ross Town. The store has some very good CCTV, which is being viewed.

Morrison's has this week suffered several shop lifting incidents. Two males have been arrested over stolen meat from within the store.

We have also had several teenagers who have been caught by security staff taking alcohol. With the warm weather and the school holidays this has become more prolific - please ensure you know the whereabouts and activities of your teenagers!!!

Criminal Damage/ASB

Police attended an incident at Red Meadow car park toilets this week after a report of a large group of teenagers where found to be damaging the glass windows. CCTV is currently being viewed.

A report was received from CCTV that a young female was observed ripping up the flowers from the council flowerbeds on Gloucester Rd and throwing them at nearby vehicles. Enquiries are ongoing.

CCTV in the Town reported that a young male was seen riding a pushbike appearing as if he was drunk as he kept crashing into walls. The young male was spoken to by police and taken home to his parents. Although this made amusing viewing for the CCTV staff can I remind you that to ride a pedal cycle under the influence of alcohol is an offence under Section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872.

Fly Tipping

A member of the public reported witnessing a vehicle containing a white male dumping rubbish in Ashburton Industrial Estate; vehicle details were passed to police, which where then passed to the Herefordshire Council to bring about a prosecution for fly tipping offences.

Another fly tipping incident occurred at Aston Ingham, individuals have been traced and Gloucester Police and Trading Standards will be dealing.

Police Operation

Police are currently running an operation along our major through roads using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) in a bid to catch our travelling criminals. ANPR has proven to be a vital piece of equipment in combating crime and DVLA offences.

 This week's scam!

The below e-mail allegedly from the Inland Revenue has been forwarded by one of our readers.

Tax Refund Notification

Msg Ref: 609/LA62811

You are almost at the end of the deadline date for you to claim your back dated tax refund for the amount of £305.56 for the dates 2007-2009.

Failure to do so will result in you loosing this claim and future claims.

Please complete the attached form correctly and return it before the end of April, as you will not be able to claim at any later date.


HM Revenue & Customs.

London , HA7 2LD

All rights reserved


If you have a similar e-mail, please forward it to the fraud department at HMRC at


Rogue Traders

Again, although this happened over the border we still have lots of calls informing us of this type of cold caller. If you should have any such visitor we would advise you to politely say "No thank you" and use a reputable company.

We had a call from a farmer in Allensmore yesterday reporting that they had just had two callers at their farm saying "we have just been emptying a bitumen tank and wondered if (what's left?) could be of any use to you on your drive, we have been emptying a tank of bitumen and wondered whether what's left would be of any use on your driveway with chippings on".

They were in a white van marked Stevens and Sons and with an orange light on top and flashy chequered official looking coloured strip (possibly orange/yellow) around the base of the vehicle and two male occupants. The one who got out was very well spoken and both in fluorescent jackets. They looked legitimate as if they had been working on an official site somewhere.

Never deal with these cold callers - there is no guarantee on the work, and they will overcharge.  They will often come up with a story that they have material left over from a job, which is untrue.  They go to a quarry first thing and buy ready made 'tarmac' which has to be used that day, which is why they are anxious to find a victim to offload it on!

By law, before they carry out the work they have to give a written quotation, and give the customer a 7-day cooling off period.  If this is not adhered to (which clearly it wouldn't be in those circumstances) then they can be prosecuted - if the Trading Standards can get hold of them!.

Please report any such visits straight away on 101, and we will try and catch up with them.  I have passed the details on to Trading Standards.

Local Events


Ross Rowing Clubs Annual Regatta

This event will be taking place over the weekend of 25 - 27th August.

To be held at the Rowing Club, Ross. Camping is available on the adjacent field. Past years have been a success and always draw a large crowd - You never know the sun may even shine!!





Crime Trends

Outbuilding burglaries have occurred this week; one in Woolhope which has taken place whilst the owner was away on holiday, one in Perrystone Hill area and one just on a neighbouring patch in Putley. Both have had power tools, mowers and strimmers stolen.

Please secure your outbuildings and consider marking your property with a forensic marking kit, such as Smartwater. Power tools and petrol mowers and strimmers are popular items to steal, and quick to dispose of. If items are marked with Smartwater the thieves don’t have as many outlets to dispose of the goods, as places such as cash converters, auction houses and car-boots are regularly scanned for items marked with Smartwater.

Therefore properties that are using Smartwater and displaying the signage, are less likely to be targeted as items will be harder to sell on.

John Kyrle High School in Ross has had 75 metres of lead stolen from its roof during the last week. Enquiries have resulted in 4 Ross males being arrested for the offence. Searches at one home address have then led to the discovery of a stolen motorbike in the shed of one of the offenders, so a positive result for 2 Ross offences.

Shoplifters operating in Ross Town this week have been arrested and dealt with for the offence. One male and two females of Eastern European origin were arrested for theft of cosmetics from Superdrug in Ross.

Also one of our known local Ross males was arrested for two offences of stealing joints of meat from Morrisons and Sainsburys supermarkets in the Town.

A flat in Lea, near Ross on Wye has had an attempted theft this week. The Occupant has generators stored on his property balcony, and offenders have gained access to the balcony and have attempted to remove them. They may well have been disturbed as nothing was stolen.


Criminal Damage

The Riverside restaurant on Wye Street, Ross, has had a glass door smashed. Nothing seen or heard and no CCTV footage. If you have any knowledge of this incident please ring in on 101 quoting OIS 0088 S 300712.

 A motorbike that was parked in Walford Avenue, Ross was damaged overnight on 28/07/12.

A vehicle has had its clutch cable cut and screws taken out from the visor.

Again if you have knowledge of this,  please call on 101 quoting 209 S 290712.


Theft from Motor Vehicle

Roman Way estate has had a few thefts from cars this week.

Offenders have been trying door handles and gaining entry into the car, where they have gone through glove boxes etc and taken items such as sunglasses, log books, sat navs, and even a disabled badge.

Enquiries have been made and a description of the possible offender has been given.

Please double check that your vehicle is locked and secure, as one of the victims was convinced he had done this but the thieves gained access without causing any damage to the car.

Also if possible try not to leave items of value, such as sat navs in your car.

Regularly wipe off the sucker marks from your windscreen, as this is an indication to would be thieves that you have a sat nav, and if not on display is probably tucked away in your glove box!


This Weeks Scam!

A report has been received this week from a mobile phone user, who is receiving texts from the number 83500.

He is getting charged £4 per text, when he contacted his service provider they informed him there was nothing they could do!

Please bear in mind if you receive any texts from this or similar numbers that you may be incurring a cost!


Local Events

Ross Town Carnival is to be held on Saturday 4th August this year.

Floats, stalls and activities for all ages!

Come and join in the fun.

All held in Ross Town Centre.




Crime Trends

Theft of Agricultural equipment from a farm in Lea, Ross on Wye; A theft was reported on the 17th July, and is believed the actual theft took place within prior four days. Various metal items and irrigation equipment have been stolen. Offenders did leave behind some good tyre tracks and footprints for forensic examination.

Also in Lea this week, five gallons of red diesel were stolen from a trailer that was loaded up in a farmyard. Offenders have again left footprints at scene and it is thought that this may possibly linked to the above.

It was reported this week that there was a theft of scrap metal from a farm in the Walford area. Luckily the owner witnessed this, the vehicle was then traced and had called at a local scrap metal dealers. Information obtained from the scrap dealer has resulted in a positive arrest of one local male.

A local man left behind his laptop in Costa coffee, in Ross Town this week. Once he realised his mistake he returned to the shop, but unfortunately his laptop had already been stolen.

Two foreign nationals were detained in Morrison’s supermarket in Ross this week for shoplifting; both were promptly arrested and charged.

A Ross lady has had her mobile phone stolen from within her handbag whilst on an evening out at the Hope and Anchor public house; the theft occurred around 5pm on 20th July 2012.

Information from Ringmaster

A subterranean cannabis factory has been found and five people arrested as part of an operation run by Gloucestershire Constabulary supported by West Mercia Police and Gwent Police to tackle drug offences.

On Friday July 13, the three Police Services were working together to carry out a number of coordinated warrants in each of the three areas.

During the operation officers carrying out a warrant in a remote area near Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire uncovered a subterranean cannabis factory, containing more than 200 plants.

The street value of the drugs found is thought to be approximately £100,000.

As part of the operation four men were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to produce cannabis, a class B drug. All four have been bailed to return to the Police station in September pending further inquiries.

Speaking after the operation Detective Chief Inspector Marc Flannery from Gloucestershire Constabulary said, "Our actions on Friday should act as a warning to those involved in the cultivation of cannabis that no location is safe from discovery. We will continue to work closely with our colleagues in West Mercia and Gwent to combat organised crime.”

With reference to the above, Police this week attended an address in Hoarwithy, following reports of a domestic incident there. A small number of cannabis plants that were being cultivated were seized and a female from the address arrested for cultivation of cannabis.

Funding for Community Groups

Please find below a summary of the grant funding that is now available through the VITAL Herefordshire LEADER Programme.

What is the funding for?

Grants of between £2000 and £5000 are available; the funding is available for community projects in rural Herefordshire that will help to achieve the following objectives:

1. Enable local communities to develop and implement actions to improve the quality of life of those living and working in rural Herefordshire.

2. Enable local communities to develop and access the services they need in their area.

3. Support and improve local democratic structures to meet the needs of local communities.

4. Training local people to meet identified skill gaps and encourage enterprise.

5. Enhance and maintain the distinctiveness of the Countryside, including cultural, historic and natural environment.

Who can apply?

The project needs to be community-led and come from community groups, voluntary organisations or social enterprises with a written constitution and bank account. Parish Councils and Local Authorities can also apply. Private individuals or businesses cannot apply.

How do I know if my project is eligible?

Each project must:

1. Take place in and benefit people in Herefordshire. The VITAL Herefordshire LEADER area covers the county of Herefordshire, excluding Hereford City (wards of Aylestone, Belmont, Central, St. Martins and Hinton, St. Nicholas, Three Elms and Tupsley).

2. Demonstrate good value for money

3. Come from and involve the community, e.g. action from parish planning process

4. Be new - it must not duplicate existing services

5. Not be for statutory activities or promote political or religious activities.

Target areas for funding:

Basic services for the economy and rural population

1. Support for local food projects and healthy living initiatives e.g. community allotment/garden, support for local food market.

2. Encouraging village markets to complement existing provision as a method of supporting local delivery and services e.g. developing schools farmers markets; village food markets.

3. Support for ICT for community benefit e.g. courses to encourage older people to use a range of basic computer software

4. Support for enhancement of community services e.g. improvements to community shops.

5. Support for community renewable energy projects e.g. photo voltaic panels, wind turbines.

Village renewal and development

1. Support for community buildings and community spaces e.g. small-scale capital projects to support the sustainability of community buildings.

2. Activities that support social enterprise opportunities e.g. development of a community orchard.

Conservation and upgrading of the rural heritage

1. Support for actions that develop awareness of local environmental and other assets e.g. local tourism initiatives based around promotion/interpretation of local heritage sites.

2. Support healthy living activities e.g. guided walks.

Training and information for the economically active:

1. Projects that support activities that keep local businesses local e.g. training in business related/technical skills.

2. Support rural skills development e.g. coppicing, hedge laying, woodland management, thatching.

How much LEADER funding can I apply for?

The scheme can offer up to 70% of the total eligible project costs up to a maximum of £5,000 LEADER funding. It is expected that successful projects will contain a level of public, voluntary and private match funding; this may be in cash or in-kind. The minimum LEADER grant is £2,000.

Project completion date

All projects need to be completed by 31st March 2013. If we receive more submissions than funding available the target areas for funding outlined above will be used to prioritise applications.

How do I apply?

Please contact Dawn Turner at Herefordshire Council, Plough Lane, PO Box 4, Herefordshire, HR4 0XH.

Tel. 01432 383023, email, to discuss your project idea and request an application pack.

Please note that the deadline for applications- 5pm on 31st August 2012.

For grants up to £2,000, please contact the Delegated Grants Team at Herefordshire Council via email or tel. 01432 260753. They administer various small community grants to help the communities of Herefordshire.

Local Events

Ross Town Carnival is to be held on Saturday 4th August this year.

Floats, stalls and activities for all ages! Come and join in the fun. All held in Ross Town Centre.



POLICE BULLETIN from 2nd July 2012

Events for Your Diary

Just a reminder that this event is this coming Wednesday!

On Wednesday 11th July, Her Majesty the Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh will be visiting Herefordshire. They will be arriving at the train station in Hereford, and then they will be attending a short ceremony at the Cathedral. They will then travel to King George V playing fields where the organising committee of the Herefordshire Diamond day is putting on a huge event showcasing the talents and the strengths of the County of Herefordshire.

You can obtain free tickets for the event by registering on the website It is running between 09:00 am and 4:00pm.

Crimes in the Area

Unfortunately the Goodrich area has suffered a number of outbuilding breaks this week. A mountain bike along with a number of tools were taken from a cluster of properties.

Also a vehicle window was smashed and access  gained to a handbag left in there. A credit card that was in the bag has tried to be used and therefore we now have some good leads.

Walford also had a burglary and a theft from an old building. Obviously not a million miles from the above crimes.

We have received the details of a couple of vehicles that have been seen in these areas on the days leading up to the crimes. Again we urge members of the public to be vigilant and report any vehicles seen loitering or not common to the area to us, to enable us to run relevant checks.

Ross Town had a series of break-ins overnight on 01/07/12. A sandwich shop was broken into, and an amount of cash taken. Also St. John Ambulance premises were accessed; offenders did not steal anything but may have been trying to access drugs.

St. Mary’s Rectory office was also broken into. A window smashed to gain access, the alarm triggered and the offender has left the scene empty handed.

In the Press

You may have heard in the news this week, of the incident in Ledbury. Unfortunately two people were injured in an incident that occurred in the Homend. The offender was caught and arrested a short time afterwards and reassurance was given that there was no threat posed to the wider community of Ledbury. We would just like to reassure you that this type of incident is not typical to our rural Market town areas.

Unattended Vehicles

On the occasion where the sun shines and we take a trip to an area of beauty or to carry out our weekly shop, please ensure that all valuables are removed from sight. Be vigilant as there is still a small amount of car crime occurring in the county.


We have received several calls from members of the public reporting the same scam this week, so obviously it is quite prolific. Reports that personal e-mail are being hacked into and contacts emailed requesting their help financially, usually along the lines of some disaster having occurred whilst on holiday and they need to fly home but due to some made up story they cannot access their own funds and so they are asking for a loan for the flights and will settle up upon return.

Also beware of clicking on any "pop-ups" that appear whilst you are on a site. The scam reported that the computer was then locked out and the company demanded £100 to unlock it. Apparently this is a well-used scam and involves rebooting your computer to solve it.


POLICE BULLETIN from 20th June 2012

Tackling Crime

A warrant was executed in Ross where a quantity of stolen goods were retrieved; one male was arrested and bailed with a curfew, the same male is also the suspect of 2 burglaries.

A male in his early forties was given a CRASBO for constant use of the 999 emergency number, making excessive noise and having committed some low level crimes in Ross.

Two young people have been given fixed penalty notices for littering in the area of the Ropewalk, Ross. There are plenty of bins provided by the council to accommodate the amount of daily rubbish produced. We receive numerous complaints for littering and drinking of alcohol in this area as a result this area is now a targeted patrol area. Just for those that are not aware this is an alcohol free zone as designated by the council to which a large fine can be imposed for breach.

Events for your Diary

On Wednesday 11th July, Her Majesty the Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh will be visiting Herefordshire. They will be arriving at the train station in Hereford and then they will be attending a short ceremony at the Cathedral. They will then travel to King George V playing fields where the organising committee of the Herefordshire Diamond day is putting on a huge event showcasing the talents and the strengths of the County of Herefordshire.

You can obtain free tickets for the event by registering on the website It is running between 09:00 am and 4:00pm.

Crimes in the Area

On two separate occasions oil thefts have occurred in the areas of St. Weonards and Glewstone on both incidents victims have lost around £1000 worth of oil.

A rural dwelling located on the A4137 had 120 x 24ft wooden planks, 20 x 20ft wooden planks, 12 x wooden timber beams and 9 x telescopic metal gates stolen from a storage barn, the padlock and chain were removed to allow offenders access.

Two veterinary surgeries were broken into in Ross, damage was caused to both properties whilst gaining access, a small amount of animal drugs were also stolen. Humans should not take drugs prescribed for animals as they can have some very serious side effects.

A theft has occurred in the Walford area, a padlock was forced and offenders managed to get away with a chain saw, a wood burning stove with metal chimney and some equestrian equipment. The offenders also damaged a vehicle belonging to the victims.

Just off the Rural patch in the area of Llanwarne an insecure building was entered and a Stihl garden leaf blower was removed by persons unknown during the middle of the day.

St. Mary’s The Virgin Church in Ross, was broken into through the North door, an untidy search was carried out by offenders, the choir vestry door was forced and a cash safe was removed. Approximately £500 was taken.

Unattended Vehicles

On the occasion where the sun shines and we take a trip to an area of beauty or to carry out our weekly shop, please ensure that all valuables are removed from sight,  be vigilant as there is still a small amount of car crime occurring in the county.


Missing Pet

Can you keep your eyes peeled for a brindle Staffordshire terrier called "Jade", she is 10 months old and has gone missing in the area of the Lea. Jade has distinctive markings such as a white love heart shape on her left shoulder and two white dots on the back of her back heels. Should you see this dog could you call 101



POLICE REPORT From 27th May 2012


Tackling Rural Crime

West Mercia’s Operation to combat Rural crime is still running.

In 2011-12 we were running at an average of 30 offences a week. We are currently averaging half that.

The price of scrap is higher now, so the incentive to steal it remains.

What is making the difference, is the day to day targeting of the key individuals and the patrolling we do in the designated areas. This coupled with a more robust regime with Scrap dealers checks and cross border/inter force information sharing and co-operation is making a real difference.

Working in tandem with this is a campaign to improve levels of responsible crime prevention by our/your communities.

This is where you come in; we still rely on information from yourselves of any suspicious vehicles/ activity.

If you get a cold caller or you see somebody paying particular attention to a property then please let us know. You can reach us on the new 101 number which you can dial anywhere in the country and will automatically take you to the control room for the force relevant to that area. This is also only charged at 15p no matter how long you are on the phone.

We again advise you to tighten your home and garden security, and if you need any advise then please let us know and either a member of the local policing team or one of our crime risk managers will be happy to help.


Events for Your Diary

On Wednesday 11th July, Her Majesty the Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh will be visiting Herefordshire.

They will be arriving at the train station in Hereford, then they will be attending a short ceremony at the Cathedral. They will then travel to King George V playing fields where the organising committee of the Herefordshire Diamond day are putting on a huge event showcasing the talents and the strengths of the County of Herefordshire.

You can obtain free tickets for the event by registering on the website  It is running between 9am and 4pm.

Ross on Wye Police station is holding an Open Day on Saturday 2nd June - 11am until 3pm.

Come along and bring the kids for an insight into modern day policing.


Herefordshire Community Messaging

Also known as "Ringmaster"

This is a computerised communications system which is run by the Herefordshire Division of West Mercia Police.

The scheme offers all County residents, businesses, farms, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators, schools and local partnerships useful information and alerts about crimes, incidents and events in their area.

We believe that by improving the flow of information between the community and the police we can all make a greater impact in the prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour.

The community messaging service is FREE to everyone

You can choose to receive information by SMS text, voice massage or email.

To sign up to this service simply go to and follow the instructions.


Crimes in the Area

A Kranzle pressure washer and an oil cooled arc-welder were stolen from a farm in the Pengethly area between 18th and 20th May.

An Offertory box, at St John The Baptist Church in Lea was broken into, it is not known what or how much was taken. Offenders also caused damage to a wooden screen as they tried to gain access to the vestry. No damage was caused to the Church in trying to gain entry as it was open at the time.

A car parked outside a property in The Gresleys, Ross on Wye Town, had fuel stolen sometime between 21st and 23rd May.

Nothing was seen or heard and the owner did not realise until she had broken down due to running out of fuel!

A member of public had their mobile phone stolen whilst in Morrisons store in Ross. They put it down at the tills whilst they packed and paid and returned once they realised their mistake to find it had been stolen. Luckily the store has CCTV so offender should be caught on camera.


Hot Weather

Whilst we are enjoying this spell of long awaited sunshine, we would like to remind you and any younger members of your family, about the dangers of cooling off in local Rivers, Quarries and reservoirs. Only today on the news they mentioned a list of all the people who had lost their lives by swimming in these areas.

As tempting as it may be, please think twice before taking the plunge, the River Wye has many dangerous area and whirlpools in it, also the risk of contracting illness from within the water are high, Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) for one.



It has been a very wet start to the Month of May, I hope it didn’t ruin any Bank Holiday plans!

Please drive with caution especially in the rural areas, as we have had some nasty weather which has resulted not only in flooding but also landslides and tarmac being lifted and washed away. Some of the rural lanes have been closed due to the inclement weather conditions.

Rural Theft

This week we have received several calls with reference to vehicles acting suspiciously in rural locations.

We encourage you to call in when you can with vehicle details and with thanks to yourselves we are gathering some good intelligence linked to rural crime.

We have had a high value theft on our area this week.

It occurred in the Phocle Green area of Ross on Wye on the 01/05/2012.

Photo finish equipment to the value of £35,000 has been stolen from a van that was parked at a premises also from the same premise a diesel tank was broken into and fuel taken.

Offenders had used the owners own crowbar to break into the property.

Offender had also tried to jemmy the shed door, but did not gain entry.

Overnight on the 30/04/12 offenders have gained access on foot and stolen a roller from the driveway, they have then walked some distance across to an outbuilding and taken a Stihl chainsaw and case, valued at £350.

Witness details have been obtained and enquiries are in progress.

Overnight on 04/05/2012 from the Gloucester Road area of Ross town a black Toyota MR2 was stolen. Vehicle was taken, without keys, from its location and found the next morning burnt out at Hole in the Wall area.

This week on a neighbouring area ,but not too far away in Wormelow, offenders have disarmed security lighting and removed an alarm sensor to enable them to gain entry to an outbuilding. Luckily the alarm system had more than one sensor and was still triggered, alerting the owner, who upon approaching the barn, heard the offenders running away.

On this occasion the offenders have gone away empty handed. Alarm and CCTV currently being upgraded by owner in case offenders decide to return!

Criminal Damage

Overnight on the 05/05/2012 a vehicle parked outside its keepers address in Brampton Abbotts area has been damaged. Persons unknown have ripped the wiper blades off and bent the wiper arms.

Suspicious Incident

We have had reported to us, that a welsh cob pony has been found to have had part of its mane plaited overnight.

One possible reason for this is that the person who plaited the mane has made the horse more identifiable to persons who may return to steal the horse.

We have, over the years, had several reports of horses found with manes plaited, however we have never had any reports that the horses have subsequently been stolen.

However if you are able we would suggest moving the horses to a safer location as a precautionary measure. 

We now have a new local policing sergeant who covers Golden valley and Ross and Wye areas she is Nicky Cleeton and we look forward to working with her.

PS 3082 Nicky Cleeton


POLICE REPORT FROM 11th March 2012

Bulletin Update

We may have a few difficulties getting the bulletin out on time over the coming weeks. This is basically down to staff shortages but we will continue to do our best. We have received a number of very positive responses to the bulletins current format and are very pleased that you all seem to like it.

Rural Thefts

The area of the Doward at Whitchurch appears to have been targetted by thieves looking for scrap metal. A number of suspicious vehicles have been seen in the area. Two white vans have been seen aswell as a silver Isuzu pick up. Look out for anything or anyone that you think may be up to no good. Take registration numbers if possible and record a description of the occupants as often the vehicles involved are used by a number of different people.

A farm in Goodrich overnight on the 6th March had a John Deer mower unit as well as a quantity of power tools. The mower turned up not far away in Marstow where it looked like it had got stuck whilst the thieves were trying to load it up. Some of the smaller items of property taken are still outstanding. Any information you have then please let us know.

A high value theft has taken place overnight on the 10th March at Welsh Newton Common. A total of 5 motorbikes have been stolen from an off road event. Anyone who may have noticed anything suspicious in the area then let us know as soon as possible.

Telephone Scam

The UK Cards Association is advising customers to be aware of a new variation on an old style scam that involves people being telephoned by fraudsters and duped into handing over their debit or credit card, and revealing their PIN.

How does the scam happen?

A fraudster rings you, claiming to be from your bank, saying their systems have spotted a fraudulent payment on your card or that your card is due to expire and needs replacing. You may be asked to ring back using the phone number on the back of your card - which further convinces you the call is genuine. However, the criminal keeps the line open at their end so, when you make the call, you are unknowingly connected straight back to the fraudster.

Then, by seeming to offer assistance, the fraudster tries to gain your trust. In most cases you are asked to 'cancel' your existing card or 'activate' or 'authorise' a replacement card by keying your PIN into your phone's handset.

The fraudster then poses as a bank representative to pick up your card from your home, sometimes giving you a replacement card, which is a fake. In some cases a genuine courier company is hired to pick up the card, which the victim has been asked to place into an envelope.
Once they have your card and PIN the fraudster uses them to spend your money. A variation of the scam involves the fraudster ringing a prospective victim and claiming to be from the police - again with the aim of going to the victim's home to collect the card and PIN.

What can I do to avoid this scam?

Remember this advice: Your bank or the police will NEVER ring you and tell you that they are coming to your home to pick up your card, so never hand it over to anyone who comes to collect it.
Your bank will 
NEVER ask you to authorise anything by entering your PIN into the telephone.
NEVER share your PIN with anyone - the only times you should use your PIN is at a cash machine or when you use a shop's chip and PIN machine.

What should I do if I think I may have been the victim of a fraud or scam?

If you think you have been the victim of a fraud or scam of this nature you should call your bank or card company immediately.

Visit for more information.

Open invitation

There is an annual general meeting of the West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch Forum, taking place on Wednesday 18th April at 7.30pm.

AGM will take place in the lecture theatre at West Mercia Police HQ, Hindlip Hall, Worcester.

All are welcome (not just scheme co-ordinators, but scheme members too). The Chief Constable will be attending and telling us about the changes that are taking place within the Force.



Current Crime Trends in the Area

Crimes this week include criminal damage done to the speed camera on the A40 at Lea. This may be a disgruntled motorist who has been caught speeding! However it is still a criminal offence and the Safer Roads Partnership have to foot the bill which ultimately comes out of all our pockets.

Also in Lea overnight on the 11th February 2012 a blue BMW parked at the village hall had its tyres slashed. Anyone with any information please let us know.

Another lorry has been attacked whilst parked in a layby on the A40 between Monmouth and Ross. On this occasion several crates of dog food were taken from the trailer of the lorry. The driver was asleep at the time so didn’t see or hear anything. If you notice any suspicious activities late at night in any of the laybys on this section of road then please call us on the new 101 number or 999 if you think that it is an emergency situation.

Telephone Scams

This week we have a couple of scams going round by telephone. The calls are from withheld numbers and are very difficult to trace.

The one scam is a caller claiming to be from the victims bank. The caller had a lot of personal information about the victim and had all of their bank details. The caller asked the victim to confirm that the details they had were correct and then asked them to verify the three digit security number from the back of their bank card. None of the banks will ask anybody for card details over the phone.

They will NEVER ask for either your PIN or the security code from the back of the card.

If you receive any calls of this nature make sure that you DO NOT give out any information whatsoever. The other scam that is doing the rounds is a caller stating that you may have something wrong with your computer. From what the caller says it makes you believe that they may work for Microsoft or PC World and it sounds quite genuine.

The caller again asks for personal information and various passwords for your computer and e mail accounts etc. By doing all this the caller then can access your computer and can see all sorts of information about you including your bank account details.

On one occasion this week an attempt was then made to withdraw a large amount of money from a personal bank account. This time they were unlucky as the bank in question recognised unusual activity on the account and stopped the transaction.

Bridstow Speed Limit

Can I remind everyone to be aware that there is now a new speed limit in force. There is now a 40 mph from Wilton Island along the A49 as far as the turn for Hoarwithy. The limit then increases to 50 mph as you approach Peterstow. There are now two mobile camera sites in the area. One is located outside Bridstow School and the other is at Peterstow Common. You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!

Love is in the Air!

West Mercia Police is encouraging local residents to embrace the spirit of St Valentine this month and 'love your community'! You live in a safe place but you can make it even safer by keeping your home and vehicle secure,keeping an eye out for anything suspicious in the area and looking after your neighbours.

So get involved and spread some love in your community!

Find out more on our force Website (

Or follow us on twitter and facebook.

Works Both Ways!

We would like to say thank you to our readers who have emailed us this week with positive comments about our new style bulletin and provided us with valuable information concerning incidents that we may have not otherwise been alerted too. We use our bulletin to get our message across to our far reaching community and as the title suggests it works both ways and we would love to hear from any of you with any news or information. 

Vehicles of interest this week

We are currently looking for any information in relation to the following vehicles:-

Dark blue or black Ford Galaxy part registration number KJ*****A believed to have been involved in a shoplifting incident in Monmouth.

Grey Peugeot registration number GF5*PYJ. This vehicle was visiting premises in the Bishopswood area asking for scrap.

Unfortunately we are unable to publish the full registration number of the vehicles that we circulate in this bulletin so if we publish a number including a star or two then this is probably the reason why, although on the odd occasion as in the Ford Galaxy shown above in this bulletin, this is the only information that we have.  



POLICE REPORT FROM 19th February 2012


Current Crime Trends in the Area

An unusual burglary of an outbuilding in Goodrich took place overnight on 13th February 2012. The building which is isolated in the middle of a field was approached by unknown persons a lock was broken from the outside of the building. There was a sheep dog which has gone missing from inside. Nothing else appears to have been taken.

A theft of cooking oil has been reported this week from Bishopswood area. Cooking oil is becoming very desirable for thieves as it is converted into bio fuel. Also this week (believed to have occurred overnight 16th February 2012) the heating oil has been taken from the Village Hall. Anyone who has seen anything suspicious in this particular area please make sure you let us know.

A burglary of a garage in Marstow took place overnight on 13th February 2012. A number of power tools were taken and several vehicles were entered. A radio was stolen from one and fuel was syphoned from another. Some electrical cable was also taken together with various hand tools.

A garage was broken into in Whitchurch overnight on the 17th february 2012. Two off road motorcycles have been stolen. The one bike is a green Kawasaki KS450 and the other is a red Honda 250. The bikes were worth several thousand pounds so the owner is anxious to get them back.

Another incident this week on the A40. A blue Citroen Xsara registration number WV*1WVF had been left in one of the laybys and when the owner returned to collect it the following morning someone had obviously tried to steal it by hotwiring it. This happened sometime during the night of 17th February 2012.

Overnight on 18th February 2012 a workshop in Llangrove was broken into. It was locked up and left all secure at around 10pm. It is possible that it happened at 1.30am when the dogs started barking and the break in was discovered a bit later the same morning. Several items were moved around but nothing was stolen.

Telephone Scams

We are again being informed that telephone scams are still happening. This week a caller stated they can help the victim to claim back Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) that they are owed. Once again the advice is DO NOT enter into conversation with any of these callers and DO NOT give out any personal information.

Vehicles of Interest This Week

We are currently looking for any information in relation to the following vehicles:-

A red van has been seen acting suspiciously in Much Marcle this week. We don’t have a registration number as yet, but if anyone out there thinks they have seen this van and have taken a number down then please let us know.

A white VW Caddy van was involved in a theft at Pengethley nurseries on Wednesday 15th February 2012. The registration number was similar to VA*7WVR. Two white males were in the van. One was aged about 60yrs. He had greying gingerish hair, was wearing glasses and had a limp. He was wearing a brown wax jacket. The second male was aged 40-50 with dark grey hair wearing a dark jacket.

A white Citroen Berlingo van registration number X185JT* has been seen several times this week in the Ganarew area. We are trying to get hold of the keeper of the vehicle but if anyone sees it again then let us know.

Look After Your County!

We have noticed that there appears to have been an increase in litter and fly tipping around our area. This includes general garden rubbish aswell as tyres and domestic waste. Also takeaway packaging!!!! Why do people carefully place everything into the plastic or paper carrier bag and then throw it out of the window of their car into the middle of the road. This is an offence for which offenders can receive a fixed penalty notice. Please everyone make an effort to keep the County clean and tidy. Should you witness any of this type of behaviour then please contact Litter Enforcement at the Herefordshire Council Office telephone number 01432261000.



POLICE REPORT FROM 14th December 2011


The Police were not able to attend, due to operational commitments, but sent the following report:


Unfortunately we will not be represented at tonight’s meeting.


The most important message at the moment is to be vigilant in maintaining the security of property especially leading up to Christmas and not to have gifts and valuables on view.


Also after Christmas recycle packaging but do not leave large boxes outside your homes indicating you have just bought a new TV or computer.


Consider forensic marking of valuables i.e.: using Smartwater ---- contact your local policing team for advice.


On frosty mornings do not leave vehicle engines running unattended.


Any suspicious vehicles or persons report to the police with as much detail as possible on the non emergency number 101.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and all those present, on behalf of the team, for your help and support during 2011 and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.


Please encourage people to contact the police with information about anything they consider suspicious no matter how small on:  Telephone: 101, or by using the following e mail address:



POLICE REPORT FROM 9th November 2011:  

A police representative was in attendance and gave the following report:


101 POLICE CONTACT NUMBER:  The new 101 police contact number was launched locally on 8th November; it is now live and can be used.  The old contact number will continue to work for the time being.  In an emergency, always call 999, but to report less urgent crime or disorder and for general police enquiries, call 101.


For example:

· If your car has been stolen

· If your property has been damaged

· When you suspect drug use or dealing

· To give the police information about crime in your area.


The theft of diesel and scrap metal has been targeted by the Police and they are pleased to report that 4 men have been arrested in connection with these thefts, the arrests took place on 8th November.


Catalytic converters are also being stolen from cars, please be aware of the security of your own vehicles by garaging them where possible, as well as your other possessions, especially on Farm premises.


Scrap metal merchants are still doing the rounds; the public are asked to report any suspicious vehicles and to pass on their registration numbers where possible.


Please encourage people to contact the police with information about anything they consider suspicious no matter how small on:  Tel: 101, or by using the following e mail address:






The Police representative was unable to attend but asked that the following be reported to council:

Across the county we are having reports of theft of copper piping from tradesmen’s vans especially those with alloy pipe carriers on the roof. We have had several incidents of vehicles being broken into at local beauty spots, in the majority of cases valuable have been left in sight - the message is where possible take valuables with you or secure them out of sight and make sure the vehicle is secure.

In the anticipation of a hot summer it is worth mentioning that at home when in the back garden make sure the front of the house is secure and vice versa. Last year in the hot weather we had a lot of reports of pets being left unattended in vehicles - if this is noticed this year, please ring the police and report it.

There is an electronic information leaflet about oil security and WPC can make some hard copies available as well.

Please encourage people to contact the police with information about anything they consider suspicious no matter how small on: 0300 333 3000, e mail on:


POLICE REPORT FROM 8th December 2010


Theft of scrap metal and batteries has increased – particularly from old Farm buildings, also thefts of heating oil and diesel, so people are asked to be vigilant.  Do not leave Christmas presents on view in your car or leave boxes outside your house after Christmas advertising what you have received.  Be prepared when travelling by car in the bad weather – taking blankets and provisions and do not leave your keys in unattended vehicles whilst they are running.  Keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable people.


POLICE REPORT FROM 10th November 2010


Bogus callers - mainly targeting the elderly.  Unless you are expecting anyone by prior appointment do not let strangers enter your homes.


Rogue traders - selling items such as power tools from back of a van - if possible obtain registration number and contact the police.


Due to ongoing thefts of scrap metal please report any suspicious persons or vehicles to the police .


At any time of the year but especially approaching Christmas do not leave anything on display in an unattended vehicle and always make sure that the vehicle is secure.


Please express the importance of reporting any of the above to the police - especially registration numbers - but at no time putting  yourself in any danger.




Oil and diesel thefts are ongoing, from Lorry parks along the A40, in the evenings as well as at night.  Some arrests have been made based on information received.  Rogue Traders are operating in the area; don’t sign up to anything on the doorstep. Problem cases have been tarmacing and block paving.  But if any one does sign there is a legal cooling off period – Trading Standards have the info.  Cllr Whitlock reported sighting of a white VW caddy van @ 06.30 in Bishopswood – the two occupants seemed to be looking around.  It was an N reg van.  Ms Austin reminded the public to give registration info to the Police.  There was a report of fly tipping in the Bishopswood area and at Bulls Hill.  


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